Create winning keyboard and mouse
Customize gaming weapon
SmartGenius help you create Macro, Shortcut and other most used gaming weapons and assign these weapons to device buttons per your preference.
One key press to powerful weapon
With SmartGenus, keyboard F1 to F12 keys are empowered with different gaming weapons immediately. You get powerful gaming weapon with just one press.
Create a mouse for you
You can customize all mouse buttons with Macros, Shortcut, DPI switch and other gaming weapons to create a mouse just for you.
Optimize hardware settings
SmartGenius can optimize Genius device performance and lighting behavior to improve your gaming experience.
Automatic Gaming profile
Every game, even one character of game, has its own gaming weapon required. SmartGenius Profile help set different game weapons and activate automatically.
Virtual Keyboard - Genius Key Bar
Press special Genius Key or Ctrl + ~ together, the virtual keyboard - Genius Key Bar is shown for current keyboard settings.

Genius Key

Profiles from Genius cloud
SmartGenius connect with Genius cloud to allow you download profiles for most popular gaming applications.
Support Genius gaming devices